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*Painted Finches "spare cock birds"

*Cordon Blue Finches, pairs "Sold"

*Cuban Finches, "sold"

*Diggle Finches, "sold"

*Gouildian Finches, pairs

*Star Finches, pairs

*Blue Faced Parrot finches,"sold"

*Red Faced Parrot Finches, pairs "sold"

*Mexican Siskins, "SOLD"

*Green Singing Finch, two hens "Sold"

*Orang Breasts, "SOLD"

*Saint Helena Finches "SOLD"

*Java Finches, Normal pairs. "Sold"

*Masked Doves, avaliable

*Female Masked Doves, avaliable

*king Quail, pairs "Sold"

*Pairs of Red browed finch NPWS LICENCE REQUIRED

*Double bared finches, pairs NPWS LICENCED REQUIRED

*Aviary bred Gold Finches Sold

*Bangalese Mannikins avaliable

*Zebra Finches, pairs

*Jacarini Finch "SOLD"

* Red Siskin Hen "SOLD"

*Plumb Head Finches "Sold"

*African Fire finches, pairs All "Sold"

Pictorella manikins "Sold"

*Other Finches avaliable apon request!